Eun Jeong Ko is a Ph.D. student in entrepreneurship at the Whitman School.1 Articles

Professor Lee is a professor of marketing. His primary research interests include marketing channel strategy, product category management and consumer survey methodology.1 Articles

Guiyang Xiong is assistant professor of marketing. He comes to the Whitman School from the University of Georgia where he has served as assistant professor of marketing since 2010. His research interests include advertising, new product innovation and management, marketing’s impact on shareholder value, social media and word-of-mouth, social networks and empirical modeling. He earned his Ph.D. in business from Emory University.1 Articles

Joel Carnevale teaches management and organizational behavior courses. His research interests include employee ethicality and prosocial behavior, including within a leadership context. He also researches neuroimaging technology (e.g. fMRI) as it applies to ethical decision-making and prosocial behavior. He earned a B.S. in economics and MBA from Radford University in Radford, Virginia, and a Ph.D. in management, focused on organizational studies, strategy and change from the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University.1 Articles

Dr. Park is formerly a visiting professor of supply chain management. He earned his PhD from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, an M.A. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree from Anjou University in Suwon, Republic of Korea.1 Articles

Professor Niederhoff’s research interests focus on the role of individual level human bias in decision making. She uses methodology from experimental economics and behavioral game theory as well as psychology to measure personal preferences and group dynamics. She then measures how those factors influence individual and team performance in supply chain contexts such as contracting, manufacturing, and inventory control in order to better understand the human element of supply chain decision making.1 Articles

Karca Aral is an assistant professor of supply chain management whose research is focused on procurement actions, sustainable procurement, sustainable supply chain management and information acquisition.1 Articles

Lai Xu is an assistant professor of finance whose research interests include stock return predictability, semi-parametric estimation for extreme events, structural model estimation, consumption asset pricing models and option valuation.1 Articles

Professor Brandes is an associate professor of management. Her research interests are in the areas of executive compensation, corporate governance, and employee attitudes.1 Articles

Rong Li is an assistant professor of supply chain management whose research interests include operations and finance interfaces, supply chain coordination and contracting, inventory management and maintenance with learning from real-time information. Dr. Li received a B.S. in mathematics from Nankai University, and M.S. and Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Purdue University.1 Articles